Obstacle Corpse/Cat Kids "Split, But Not Apart"

Image of Obstacle Corpse/Cat Kids "Split, But Not Apart"


OBSTACLE CORPSE- Robert Ellis Lee is one of the most passionate and entertaining people you will ever meet. As a storyteller, performer, and musician, his exuberance is contagious. The Obstacle Corpse recordings are hypnotic and possess the same grabbing quality as Ellis himself. His songs are paradoxically timeless and sentimental, they have always been. Like an uncanny score to your life movie, this album is what you hear on the radio in your mind.

CAT KIDS- Roll out of bed and into some synth pop. You don't even have to put your shoes on, just enjoy the range of formulas. Crunchy and funky keyboards weave and interlock, forming the vehicle for serenades and vocal introspection. Cat Kids is the solo project from Bay Area musician Ben Seevers ("The Ether Staircase" and "Boss Fight"). Be forewarned, some of the songs might get stuck in your head.